Monday, August 24, 2009

For My Father

Early 2005

Is it impossible to see what you're doing is fake?
The world you make is yours to break.
Can't you see that you're hurting more than just you?
The loved ones you pushed away can no longer see you through.

Think back a few years on that day long ago,
Were the vows you said just vows for show?
'Till death do you part spoken straight from the heart.
Nothing's supposed to be more important on that day when you start
A life, with a wife and three kids.
Now look at what you did.

A family is torn apart
There's so much unhappiness inside.
Ending on that day because of one fateful ride.
I don't feel bad for you anymore, not that I could;
You've caused more hurt and pain than anyone should.
Take a look at your life and the house in which you sleep,
There's no one left anymore, only yourself to keep.

Have you ever asked yourself why?
I really can't help but wonder;
How a grown man couldn't stop from going under?

So there's nothing left for us to do;
We can only watch and wait;
To see if you'll ever step up and take hold of your fate.

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